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  • BM Farookh Honest man with great commitment

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    I support Mr BM Farookh as Rajya Sabha Member and I urge and request everyone to do so. For following reasons.
    1) Honest man with great commitment towards society
    2) He is working for the cause of education and health for last 25 years.
    3) Highly educated with clear understanding of indian constitution and it’s values.
    4) Absolutely non corrupt
    5) Very prominent name In the society in the field of communal harmony.
    6) Has established centers for street children’s and women.
    7) Successful first generation entrepreneur working in the field of renewable energy
    8 ) Highly cultured and soft spoekn individual with strong options.
    9) Good face amongst minorites to be a strong man to raise their issues.
    I can list 100’s of institutes and groups run under his guidance and support I can list his great commitment and conviction for society. Let us urge the people sitting their to give us an honest man form Karnataka for better Karnataka. #FarookhforMP #BMfarookhforrajyasabha

    Tanveer ahmed

    Jds leader

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