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  • Agriculture is the basis of human life: PM Modi

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    Text of PM’s Address on National Conference on ‘Agriculture 2022: Doubling Farmers’ Income’ (20.02.2018)

    All the scientists, farmers, brothers and attendees from all over the country come from all the greatness. We all have gathered here for brainstorming on very important, very serious and very important topics.

    I just watched the people’s presentations, listened to your views. I congratulate you for this diligence, for this churning. True, agriculture is such a topic that has crafted, saved, empowered our civilization thousands of years ago. It is written in our scriptures that-

    Agricultural lord, agricultural master

    Birth name, livelihood farming

    That is, agriculture provides property and intellect and agriculture is the basis of human life. Therefore, the subject which is so old, on which the Indian culture and Indian practices have shown the direction of the whole world, all the techniques of farming, have introduced it – when we talk about that topic, history, present and future, all three It’s important to keep in mind.

    Such details are found in history when people coming from abroad were shocked to see India’s agricultural practices. Such advanced systems, such advanced technology, our agriculture based on scientific method has taught the whole world a lot. Our farmers, like the consummate and the monk, have ever written very precise poems about the weather on the farm. But in the long period of slavery, all of the arrangements that have been made in our era of agriculture, our system of agriculture have collapsed.

    After independence, the farmers of our country again took their blood and sweated the farming again. Our farmers, who yearn for grain after independence, have made self-reliant in the matter of food grains. Last year, our farmers did the same to eat food and fruits and vegetables as never before. This is the strength of the farmers of our country that in just one year the production of pulses in the country has increased from almost 17 million tonnes to about 23 million tonnes.

    In this journey after independence, the agricultural sector was expanded, but the farmer’s own personal development and shrinkage went away. If the income from agriculture decreased in comparison to other sectors, then the next generations thought of leaving a solution in the farm and doing a small job in the city. The time came that the farmer, who provided food security to the country, got his income security under threat. You know these situations, but you probably know more than me. But I am still talking to you about the situation because whenever we analyze the old conditions, then we get new paths, then only we understand the way to work with new approaches. Only then does it show that something happened before, which could not produce expected results, Need to be corrected. This is the goal of doubling the income of farmers in the country, which is the basis of analyses. A goal whose achievement was not possible with the old approaches, a goal that required over-hauling of the entire agriculture sector to achieve it.

    When putting this goal in front of solving small problems, gradually its expansion is being seen being transformed into a major agricultural movement.

    Friends, all of us have seen in the fields that many times when the bull is tied in a long rope, then it rotates round and round. He thinks he is going away, but the truth is that he himself has tied his rope and he himself runs in the same. There is a huge responsibility of Indian agriculture to get rid of such impediments as well.

    The farmer’s advancement, the farmer’s income is big- it is being decided from seed to the market. In this period of self-sufficiency in production, work is being done to make the entire Eco-system beneficial for the farmers. The inter-ministerial committee, policy commission on the issue of increasing the income of the farmers, by intensely churning with many scientists, farmers and sticks of the agricultural sector like you, the government has set a direction and is moving on that path.

    In this budget, farmers have announced a major decision to get the right price for their crops. And our Pasha Patel has excitedly described it. Under this, the farmers will be assured that the minimum cost of 50 per cent ie one and a half times the value of their crops will be ensured. The government is working closely with state governments to meet the full benefits of the announcement of minimum support price.

    The old ones who have weaknesses, have to overcome them. The fool proof system is to develop. To increase the income of the brothers and sisters farmers, the government has focused on four different levels.

    First, such steps should be taken to reduce the cost of farming.

    Second, such steps should be taken to give them the fair value of their produce.

    Third- How to prevent the waste of crops, fruits and vegetables, from the farm to the market.

    And fourth, there is something that we can arrange for additional income of the farmers. Our government has kept all policy decisions, all technical decisions, all the legal decisions based on these four levels. More and more techniques are linked to their decisions and the result of this is getting positive results.

    As if talk of neem coating of urea, that decision has reduced the farmers’ expenditure significantly. The efficiency of urea has increased due to 100% neem coating of urea and it is coming out that now the farmers have to put less urea for the same land. Due to low urea because of saving money and earning more due to higher yields. These changes are coming from neem coating of urea.

    Brothers and Sisters So Soil Health Card has been given to more than 11 crore farmers in the country so far. Due to the soil health card, grain yield has increased. Farmers now know in advance that what is lacking in the soil, what kind of manure is needed. A study in 19 states of the country has revealed that due to cultivation of soil health card, the use of chemical fertilizer has decreased by 8 to 10 percent and production has increased by 5 to 6 percent.

    But the entire benefit of the Soil Health Card will be available only when every farmer understands the benefits of this card and cultivates it accordingly. This is possible when its full eco-system is developed. I would like that the module of training of crop and package of products to the farmer on the basis of Soil Health Testing and its results is added to the BSC Agriculture course in our Agriculture University. This module can also be linked to skill development.

    Students who pass these courses can also be considered for giving a special certificate. On the basis of this certificate, the student can open his Soil Health Testing Lab inside the village. They can get loan under the money scheme, such arrangements should also be considered. In the future, when all the labs will connect to the Central Database, data on soil health will be available on the central portal, so both scientists and farmers will be very easy. With this information from the central pool of Soil Health Card, our agricultural scientists should give proper information to the farmers about soil health, availability of water and climate, such a system should be developed.

    Companions Our government has tried to give a new direction to the country’s agriculture policy. The method of implementation of the schemes has changed. An example of this is the Prime Minister’s agricultural irrigation scheme. Under this, two different areas are being worked together. The focus is to increase the scope of micro irrigation in the country and the second is the existing irrigation network, strengthen it.

    That is why the government decided that 99 irrigation projects of the country stuck for two-two, three-three decades should be completed in due time. For this, provision of more than 80 thousand crore rupees was made. This is the only effect of the government’s endeavor that by the end of this year approximately 50 schemes will be completed and the rest will be completed by the next year.

    Meaning that the work was stuck for 25-30 years, we are trying to complete it in 25-30 months. Completed every irrigation project is reducing the cost of cultivating farmer in some part of the country, reducing his concern about water. Under the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Irrigation Scheme, more than 20 lakh hectares of land has been brought under micro irrigation so far.

    What is the condition of the insurance sector in the agriculture sector, you are well aware of this also. If the farmer had more insurance to his crop then he had to pay more premiums. The scope of crop insurance was also very small. Under the Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme, our government not only reduced the premium, but also enhanced the scope of insurance.

    Companions I have been told that last year the claim amount of Rs. 11 thousand crore has been given to the farmers under this scheme. If the claim amount given per farmer or per hectare has been doubled compared to the earlier. This scheme is saving the lives of many farmers, how many families are being saved, they will never become headline, will not pay any attention. Therefore, we all have the duty to add more and more farmers to this scheme.

    The government is now working with this target that in the year 2018-19, the crop sown at least 50 percent is within the scope of this scheme. Brothers and Sisters Our government is developing a market architecture in the country’s agricultural sector. The farmers will be more benefitted only when the Central and the State Government meet together in the spirit of Cooperative Federalism, make decisions.

    Now the urging to implement them from the state governments by applying the modern act linked to the interest of the farmers. Our government is working to empower farmers through such many legal decisions, there is a land lease act linked to agricultural produces and livestock marketing, simplification of warehousing guidelines.

    By 2022, the Center and the State will have to work together to increase the income of the farmers. Before leaving the farm, before reaching the market, the farmers’ produce is not wasted; this is being done under the Prime Minister Farmer’s Suppression Scheme. Special focus is on strengthening the agricultural sector. Dry storage, cold storage, Warehousing, the entire supply chain is being reformed.

    The operation green that has been announced in this budget is also connected to the supply chain system. This will prove very useful for farmers producing fruit and vegetables. As the Amul model was successful in the field of milk in the country, the income of millions of farmers was going to increase, similarly Operation Green would also be beneficial for ‘Top’ ie Tomato, Onion and Potato growing farmers.

    Coordinating rule and return markets or local mandis of the village to be integrated into the wholesale market ie the APMC and then the global market, it is very important.

    I have been told that the commission of the British was made. He also recommended that farmers should have a market every 5-6 kilometers. What was thought of hundred years ago, I have had the privilege of implementing it now. The rural retail agriculture market, i.e. the concept of GRAM, is the result of this budget. Under this, 22 thousand rural hats of the country will be upgraded with the necessary infrastructure and then they will be integrated with the APMC. That is, in a way, within the range of 5-10-15 kms of the field, the farmer will have a system which will be able to connect it to any market in the country. Farmers will be able to sell their produce directly to these consumers on these rural hats.

    In the coming days these centers will become the new energy centers of farmers’ income, employment and agriculture based rural agricultural economy. To strengthen this situation, the government is promoting the farmer producer organization- FPO. Farmers can also join rural hats and big boards in their area, by creating small organizations at their level. By becoming a member of such organizations, they will be able to buy in bulk, sell in bulk and thus increase their earnings.

    In this budget, the government has also announced that income tax will be allowed in the same manner as the farmer producer organization, cooperative societies. With the help of these Farmer Producer Organization, women’s self-help groups will be able to connect with organic, aromatic and herbal cultivation as a key step in increasing the income of farmers.

    It is the need of the hour that today we have to integrate with Green Revolution and White Revolution as well as Water Revolution, Blue Revolution, Sweet Revolution and Organic Revolution, which we have to integrate with it. These are the areas which can be both the additional income and the main source of income for the farmers. Organic farming, beekeeping, See weed cultivation, Solar farm, such a modern alternative is also in front of our farmers. The necessity is to make them more aware than ever.

    I would like to have a digital platform to give information about them and especially about the traditional and organic farm. Through this digital platform, information related to organic farming can be provided to farmers about market demand, large customer, supply chain.

    The government is also working for the farmers working in these sub-sectors to get more loans. In this budget, it has been announced to set up two infrastructure fund keeping in mind the amount of Rs. 10 thousand crore, especially in the field of fisheries and animal husbandry. For the farmers, there is no problem in getting loans from different institutions and banks, for this, the loan amount has been increased to Rs 11 lakh crore in the budget from Rs 8 lakh crore in the last three years.

    Apart from providing the funds for the farmers, the government is also making sure that they get loans on time and get a suitable loan loan. It has often been seen that small farmers have trouble getting loans from cooperative societies. Therefore our government decided that they would computerize all the primary agricultural cooperative societies of the country. When computerization of such 63,000 societies is completed in the next two years, more transparency will come in the process of lending.

    The Jan-Dhan Yojana and Kisan Credit Card have also made the road easier for the farmers to provide loans. Companions When I was told that in a lawset decades ago, bamboo was said to be a tree and therefore it can not be cleared without approval. Without approval it can not be taken anywhere. So I was in surprise. Everyone knew what the value of the bamboo construction sector is. Bamboo is also used in making furniture, in making handicraft, in incense sticks, i.e. matches in kites. But the process to get permission to cut bamboo here was so complex that the farmer avoided bamboo on his land. We have now changed this law. This decision will help bamboo farmers to increase their income.

    We are moving towards another change and this change is related to AgroSpecies. The production of timber in our country is much less than the requirement of the country. Supply gap and demand gap are so high and keeping in view the protection of trees, the government is now emphasizing the plantation of multipurpose tree species. . If you think that the farmer has the freedom to plant such trees in his farm that he can cut 5 years, 10 years, 15 years according to his requirement and then transport it, how much his income will increase.

    The concept of ‘tree on every ram’ will meet the huge need of farmers and will also benefit the country’s environment. I am happy that 22 states of the country have applied the changes related to this rule in their own right. The maximum use of solar energy in the agriculture sector will also increase the income of the farmers. Keeping this in view, in the last three years, the government has approved about 3 lakh solar water pumps for farmers. For this, an amount of about 2.5 billion rupees has been approved. This has saved substantial spending on diesel.

    Now the government is increasing towards giving farmers a grid connected solar pump. So that those who become more power financially and help the farmer.

    The biomeduct that comes out from the field of cultivation is also a huge medium of income. Earlier, it was not thought too much in this direction but our government is working on making wealth from agricultural waste. Most of the people present here are well aware of such a waste. This is a waste. It is a waste of banana tree, banana leaves come in handy, fruits are sold, but the stems of which it becomes a problem becomes a problem for the farmers. Many times farmers have to spend thousands of rupees in cutting or removing these stems. After this these stems are thrown on the side of the road. While this strain can be used to work in the making of Fabric, in the work of making industrial paper.

    When this kind of campaign is catching up in different parts of the country which are working for agriculture waste, coir waste, coconut shells, bamboo waste, remaining left in the field after harvest, All of these can increase the earnings.

    In this budget, the government has also announced the Govardhan Yojana. This scheme will help in increasing the rural hygiene and increasing the income of the farmers and the livestock farmers from biogas in the village. And brothers and sisters, it is not that wealth can only be made from bioproducts. The main crop, which is the main product, can be used by the farmers to increase the income of the farmers. As the production of ethanol from sugarcane. Our government has made a major change in ethanol policy and has now approved 10 percent of the ethanol blending in petrol. That is, the sugarcane survival after completing the demand related to sugar can be used in ethanol production. This has improved the status of sugar cane farmers.

    How the Agricultural Sector operates in the country, our government is changing the system. A new culture is being established in the agriculture sector. These cultures will be our strengths, our comforts, justice to our dreams. This culture will fulfill our journey of fulfillment from resolution to 2022. When the country’s villages will emerge only then India will also emerge. When the country is empowered, the farmer of the country will be empowered automatically.

    And so and today I have seen the presentation. This was our complaint to Pasha Patel that she got only eight minutes, I keep giving her hours. But the thoughts that I have heard – it is right that all things have been presented here in a short time. But before the hard work you have done, you have collected information by contacting people, before you came here in small groups, you have analyzed it – by adding a lot of people in a way, some of them have come out of nectar. A moment of your hard work will not be allowed to be wasted. Your suggestions will also be examined in the government at such a level as seriously as possible. Maybe something could be done immediately, something happened later, but there was an authentic effort to do this hard work as long as we have to change the way of thinking in the government realm, to understand the basic things of the farmer, Are connected If we join them, we will probably be able to take practical things. And therefore, by trying these efforts across the country, you have tried this to discuss with all the experienced people.

    Secondly, I would like to know how to move it forward. First of all, all the departments of the Government of India who are related to it, all its officers are here, many related ministers are also present here. How to coordinate between one of the ministries led by the Policy Commission on all these suggestions. How to get discussions with them and how can the actionable points be removed, how to prioritize. It is my belief that no work is stuck due to the resources.

    Second, as we all agree that we have to get out of traditional traditions. We have to accept technology and science and we will have to get rid of that science which has brought ruination. It will be necessary at some time but if it has expired, then there is no need to hold it and walk, it needs to come out of it. But it will have to do different efforts for this. I would like to have the topic of startups, such things on our agricultural universities, can there be any work by focusing on the same topic? In the same way, there are so many subjects that have come, what can we do to program like Hackathon for agriculturalstudents?

    And by sitting – By the last few days I took over 400 problems in the government, students of our country’s engineering college came, who had organized the Hackathon. And 50-60 thousand students took this subject and siting 36-36 hours nonstop, he discussed this matter and gave suggestions to the government. The solution of the problems of many departments of that which was not in the government for many years, these young people have worked in perfecting the process through technology.

    I would like to do our agricultural universitiesHackathon. In the same way be our IITs or III ITs or our leading engineering collage, whether they celebrate weeks for a week or a ten day, every college robotic, celebrates two weeks; it’s a good thing. Nano technology is to celebrate week, use, it is a good thing. Whether we celebrate our IIT, our III IT or our Leading Engineering College nationwide, in a thematic group, a complete ten-day celebration of Agri-Tech. Meet all the technology brains and make a discussion according to the needs of India and we can try to compete in that what?

    Now take them forward now. In the same way in my speech I also said that we have soil health card, now see today we go to the laboratory to conduct a blood test, in the pathology laboratory. Today the pathology laboratory has become a big business in itself. Private pathology is laboratory. Why not village-village is our laboratory lab, is it possible? For them, the certificate is composed in our universities, and for those people the money is received from the money scheme. So every farmer will feel, before going to Bhai farming, we should get our soil test completed and we get the report, we will take the guidance. We can develop these systems and if we insist on the village-testing lab of village-village, Millions of such young people can get employment and these centers can become a huge catalytic agent for a scientific temper in a village’s cultivating activity. We work in that direction, we work.

    Regarding water, such as soil test is needed, water test should also be developed gradually in the same lab, because the farmer is so kind, what is the way to him? The seed from which he brings, brings the seed from the same store throughout his life. He does not know, he says I had taken the last time in a cloth packet Seeds, this time I need clothes, not polythene. That’s what he thinks and takes.

    To guide him, today it can be explained by digitally animation, which will come in his mobile. If he has to buy the seeds then tell him, keep these six things in mind, then take this. So he will think, will ask, ten questions will start asking.

    In communication, in Gujarat there are more mobile phones than all the population today in India. Digitally connectivity is. How can we reach these things to the farmer through animation, if we can take all these subjects; I must admit that we can make a big difference with it. So we take these things and as many suggestions as possible … now it comes to the subject of animal husbandry. Now as we have no law in all these subjects, it has been said.

    I would definitely like to see that the department should see that this type of law should be composed so that these things can be strengthened and the liberation from those evils also can be found, and a standardized system developed. So much the suggestions came, and for me too was educating too, I got to learn a lot. I have also had an interest in knowing about these topics. But today many things were new to me. It will also be useful for you. Even people of our department will be there too. And of course I think churning will be beneficial.

    Whether ever this is our presentation which we have prepared and who are our farmers who work in our field or have expertise in this subject, go to the states and meet the farmers associated with the states, for the same two day event we will be there Can you also do? And there, on this line of lines, they have the same exercise on the line. Because one experiment runs in a state, the same experiment is very much like our country – it does not run in another state. An accreditation has been done in the mind of the farmer, in other states, secondly, the second recognition has been made on the same subject.

    And that’s why we say according to agro climatic zone or say state wise, whatever we think is right; If we move one step forward in that direction, then I think it will be useful. Thirdly, can all the universities debate above all these subjects? At least final year or last butone year, by meeting the students there till we do not do the meeting of mind, the discussion that we do, we do not take it down without delusion and diversion in the same form, Until then, the result is not obtained.

    And so a roadmap for pursuing this same thing, in which universities, including students, and have expertise. All the topics may not be useful in some places where there is no need. But where do you need it?

    Here is one thing we have not been able to do in detail and it is worth addition. I think sometimes our farmers have value addition, I have my own experience. In Gujarat, when we had Jyoti Gram Yojana, 24 hours of electricity. In our country, one revolutionary event will be assumed that the 24-hour power meet. So when we used to launch electricity, what is the use of this electricity to the villagers, just watch TV? Is it light at night, is that enough? And from that, what they should do to bring about change in life, they used to organize a huge event to explain it.

    There is a village near Gandhinagar. She used to cultivate pepper. Now our country has this trouble when the chillies will make all the farmers chilli, the price falls. If the whole village sold all the pepper, the entire village did not have income of more than three lakh rupees, it was not possible. What did the villagers do? They said that Bhai is now getting electricity for 24 hours, we make a small society, we go ahead. And immediately they built a small society and immediately took the connection of electricity. He made all of his processing till he became red, then brought the processors to make red pepper powder, packing it. The chickpea of ​​the village was going to die, which was to go to her three lakh. Planning for three-four months, the amount of shortage left, but after three-four months, she brought her Rs 18 lakh as income.

    I mean to say that in spite of the addition of value addition, we can tell the farmers in a casual way. It is true that the speed in the world, here is the import-import talk, it is a big thing that now someone will decide how much you have brought in a shortage.

    Now a huge country like India, if it has grown in a corner, it will have to be transported so far to the port. And yet they will be rejected therefore. You know that such things go on in the world that if India’s gulf sells well, then one will put a tail. It has come from child labor, just finished, business ends in the world. If such things come, then we have to apply the paperwork perfect. Our farmers have to explain and these days- these days I have to fight for many countries of the world, they have to fight that both these rules and our farmer who is creating the wrong kind of interference Are there. The interruptions are wrong. Their base is wrong.

    And because of that, now you know our mango, our mango go to the world, for this we had to make so much effort. But our farmers will also have to explain, the lobby will do its work in the world, but we will have to standardize in our global process.

    And so I once said to the Red Fort – our production is zero defect-zero effect, because the world’s main standards are going to be created. We have our agriculture product and product and packaging Now we ask for organic farming, but to satisfy for organic farming, if the lab and the Institute do not stand then our organic product will not go out in the world.

    Now look today aromatic Today business growth of aromatic in the world has been told to me 40 percent. If 40 percent is growth, its full base is agricultural. If agriculture is its basis, then we can get employment in small countries like India, within the aromatic world, so that we can add many things to the inside of the aromatic world.

    And so I believe that in the world of fragrance and India is full of diversity. We can contribute a lot to the world of fragrance. And we can give natural things. So, keeping in mind the market of the world, how are we talking to the farmers of India – I am talking to the people of the Gulf countries these days. I am telling them that what quality you want to eat, you give us a suggestion. To make things of that quality, we will take technology, process, Sarah to our farmer. But buy the product with your farm and you create your own cold storage, make your various warehousing, set up your own transportation system, and farmers of my country can do the job of feeding the entire Gulf.

    These are all these things I have been having with people all over the world now, but I would like to say to you that the hard work that you have done will benefit greatly. And me- I do not know what happened before, but I asked the officers because they got a lot of information because they used to do the same, they are still doing it now. So he was telling me that sir has never happened like this before. This is the first time that there are accommodation, which are agro-economics, scientists, are agriculturists, progressive agriculturists, policy makers, everyone has churned together and done many inputs before churning.

    And I think there is an effort in a good direction. And do not be disappointed that I did not say so. Maybe something takes time to apply. There is such a big government, if you want to turn the scooter, it will turn immediately, but if you have to turn a very big train, then you have to turn it from where to go. So where have you gone, you have to turn me from there, but you have to bring people together. And with full confidence that we will keep coming. To increase the income of the Indian farmer, we must work together and fulfill the resolution that 2022 income from the farmer of India is to be doubled. They are from agro products, be it from animal husbandry, they are from sweet revolution, they are from blue revolution. Do all the ways that are connected to the farming, all the way. I am very grateful to you for this contribution to all of this.

    Thank you.

    Atul Tiwari / Himanshu Singh / Nirmal Sharma

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