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  • PM visits Shravanabelagola for the Bahubali congregation

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    visits Shravanabelagola for the Bahubali congregation at Mahotsavam on 19.02.2018

    His Holiness Shri Acharya Maharaj Ji, All Pujya Muniraj Ji, and Pujya Ganani Mata Ji, and all the Arya Mataji and Governor of Karnataka, Shri Vajubhai Vala, at the center, my partner of the Council of Ministers, Sadanand Gaudaji, Ananth Kumar Ji, Piyush Goyal ji, Mr. Manju Jee, Mr. Vastri Shree Charke of the Managing Committee, Mr. Bhattaraka Swamy, District Panchayat Hassan Yakshi Smt. BS Sweta Devraj ji, MLA Mr. N. Balakrishnaji and a large number of pilgrims, all the pilgrims, mothers, sisters and brothers coming from every corner of the country.

    It is my good fortune that in the 12 years, which is a great honor, I have a duty to serve the country in the same tenure as the Prime Minister. And so under the responsibility of the prime minister in the same period, I have had the privilege of receiving blessings of all of you on this sacred occasion.

    By coming to Shravanabelagola, Lord Bahubali, Mahamastak Abhishekam, this opportunity, and here today, attaining the blessings of all the teachers, Bhagwant, Muni and Mataji together, achieving their blessings, this is a very good fortune in themselves.

    When the Government of India had some proposals, by looking at the facilities of the passengers here; However, some arrangements are such that the Archaeological Survey of the Department has a lot of difficulty in doing some things. There are some such laws and rules, but in spite of all, the Government of India can take responsibility for the management of the passengers who come here, who have the responsibility to create the system, to take full responsibility Have tried to fulfill their obligation and this is a matter of great satisfaction for us.

    Today I also had the opportunity to open a hospital. Many people believe that there are many religious instincts in our country, but social trends are low. This perception is not right. The saints of India, Mahant, Acharya, Muni, Bhagwant – everyone is there, where they are, they are working to do something good for the society.

    Even today, our great saint has been a tradition that if there is a hungry person, if he is hungry for 20-25 kms, then the system of our saint tradition is such that, somehow, the arrangement of feeding him is kept by some saint.

    Many social work- work in the field of education, work in the field of health, work to get rid of intoxicants, these many tendencies are still in our great tradition by our sages and by doing the same tireless efforts Are there.

    Today, while I was looking at Gomtecusudi, I felt that in front of me today, I will be in front of you. The type of Bahubali described in Gomtecusudi is described; Gomtec, the description of this entire place-

    Good hygiene, sweet potato

    Gyead Sindhu Water Bahudandam, Tam Gomtesham Panana Mircham


    And this means – whose body is as clean as the sky, whose two cups are as clean as water, whose ear is strung up to the Pallavasakandh, whose both sides are long and beautiful like Gajraj’s trunk – such daily to Gomatesh Swami I salute

    Pujya Swamiji can shower blessings on me, rain My mother also remembered. I am very grateful to him for giving this blessing. Changing the time in the country, the tradition of bringing about changes in society and life, it has been a characteristic of Indian society. Things which are outdated, those who enter the society and sometimes they are given the form of faith.

    It is our good fortune that such a sainted man is born from our society system, such saints are born, such a person is born, such acharya Bhagwat is born, by showing the right direction to the society at that time, Things are motivated to live a life of opportune by getting rid of them.

    This is the kind of opportunity of Aquarius to be found in every 12 years. Here all social thinkers together. Where is the society to take for 12 years now, society has to leave the path and follow this path because everybody from the country, Saint, Muni, Bhagwant, Acharya, Sarv Mataji come and bring experience of the region. . Meditation is contemplation, meditation happens, deliberations are there. And from that to the nectar form for the society, some things we get in the form of offerings. And to whom we make great efforts to bring us to life.

    Today, in today’s changing era, a hospital here has the opportunity to give me a chance. A huge social work with such a huge opportunity You must have seen our government take a very big step in this budget.

    Ayushman India- Under this scheme, any poor family, if there is a disease in the family, then only one person is not sick, in a way, two-three generations of that family become sick because there is such a financial loan. Children also do not get filled up and the entire family gets ruined. One disease eats the whole family.

    At such a time, the society and the government, we all have the responsibility to take such a family into the hands of the trouble, worry about it. And that’s why the Government of India should get sick in the family one year under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. In one year, the Government of India will arrange for the cost of treatment up to Rs 5 lakh, the expenditure of the cost of the hospital, the cost of operation, the cost of living in hospital, the expenditure up to Rs 5 lakhs through insurance. This is the step taken in India after independence, in the whole world, nobody has thought of such a big step in the whole world, or somebody has raised that which this government has picked up.

    And it is only possible that when our scriptures, our sages, our Munis gave us the same sermon-

    Survey Sukheena Bhavantu Surya Niramaya Survey

    And this survey, sirutu niramaya – to fulfill this resolution, we are taking one step after the other. I had an opportunity to get blessings of all the Acharya, all the munivar, the blessings of all the mother’s blessings and the blessings of Pujya Swamiji. I consider myself fortunate enough.

    Once again I feel blessed after coming to this sacred occasion.

    Thanks a lot

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