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  • Karnataka 2018 and SDPI, An analysis:*

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    *Karnataka 2018 and SDPI, An analysis:*

    Shehzad Qureshi,
    Writer, Political observer

    I was not associated with any political party before, nor i am planning to get associated, but an political observer.

    An intention of writing this article is a whatsapp forward message which is being circulated among muslims to vote only congress, not any other parties like JDS, AIMIM, SDPI.

    Being a political observer , more than that being a muslim, it becomes my duty to aware people that vote is your right and you have to caste it for truth or the ones who is on straight path, today falsehood and dirty politics have lot of weightage but inspite all those challenegs and ideal muslim would always vote for truth no matter what would be the outcome.

    In the article our brother says Voting parties like JDS, AIMIM, SDPI would be equivalent to voting BJP, but i would say voting any party would strengthen that party not any other, because we live in india which is a democracy and everyone has rights to vote and to vote for whom they feel like voting.

    When it comes to congress, i have a question, why should we vote congress?? And i try to find answer within myself but and i finally give up with no strong answer, they ruled us for more than 60 yrs and left us with no development or empowerment, neither they fulfilled thier promises nor showed any intrest to full it,
    Then why should ve vote congres?? Because BJP will win and they will kill muslims?? Is that what you are thinking? If you are thinking that , then you are a fool, because we are a community who knows to protect ourself and we need to beg anyone to protect us, because we rely on allah and seek his blessing, our community demands education, empowerment, employeement etc etc, but not the promise of protecting us from BJP, We know well how to protect ourself from BJP because we are ummath of Prophet muhammed(S.A.S).

    Coming to JDS, they are a regional party having thier stronghold in few places in karnataka and muslims in karnataka are not so much attracted towards JDS except for some leaders like zameer ahmed who ask vote in the name of religion but not development, He also is in inch of changing his party keeping peoples interest aside. its not positive or healthy development for muslims, so muslims in karnataka clearly will reject JDS.

    Coming to AIMIM, I dont think there is any need to be discussed about AIMIM in karnataka election, since its a party formed by brothers and for brothers in the name of religion and i dont think they are even eligible to contest elections in karnataka, people of karnataka are educated enough to reject the hate politics of AIMIM and they will not have any future in karnataka.

    Now i am coming to the interesting part of this article, that is emergence of SDPI in karnataka and in India, started around 9 yrs back, this party is formed on root of its cadres and it believes in a strong ideology, unless congress who do not have any ideology, SDPI has an ideology to which they have sticked by day 1, If you observe here, they are continously working at grass root level in karnataka no matter what the election results would be. If we could remeber SDPI secured 2nd place in NR assembly in 2013 and lost to very few votes, people came to Mr. Abdul Majeed and asked for his apologies saying “if this was your capacity we would have definitely voted for you, we were brain washed by other parties saying voting for SDPI would lead BJP to win, but it wasnt true, SDPI lost due to few votes.” This was actually a turning point for SDPI in karnataka, they continuously won many local body elections, and they were also able to provide a Health chairman to BBMP, SDPI also have thier representatives from all religions, including hindus, daliths, adivasis, christians, other marginalized and suppressed people of this society.

    All the political parties in India are continuosly targeting SDPI for which the only reason is thier uncompromised fight and agitations against Injustice and Fascism.

    I am very much impressed by activities of SDPI, i recently was scrolling back to have a look on SDPI’s activities and agitations, and i was really amazed and shocked to see thier pro people policies and resolutions, they stood firm for people wherever people needed them the most and such a huge response from people in SDPI’s events, seminars was glorifying sight to watch.

    In Conclusion, i would say SDPI is growing as one of the strongest alternate for Congress in karnataka, and it has already been proved in many places till date, Considering SDPI’s strength in Karnataka SDPI has capacity to win few selected seats without help of any political party, which they have targetted and thier preparation and confidence shows they have already won half battle.
    But important aspect here is, The support of SDPI which congress would need in many assembly seats to win, there are many assembly seats where congress could win only if they come in sought of an understanding with SDPI, if not it would be very diificult for congress to win.
    Keeping BJP out of power is not only SDPI’s work, but also congress partys work, and thier willingness to keep out BJP from power would become seen on basis of how it compromises with parties like SDPI to keep BJP out of power.

    Every party here contests with hope to win, None have taken stake here to claim muslim votes, muslims will vote whoever they feel like voting based on thier social works, and attitude, no matter they win or loose, at the end of the day they could sleep peacefully saying i did right in path of allah by supporting one who is in right path, no matter they win or loose. But insha allah they will win.

    Hence i request muslim community not to fall in trap of any political parties, but to vote for truth and against injustice.

    SDPI is definitely not a bad option of Muslims, daliths, hindus, christians, adivasis, and other sections of this society. I strongly feel SDPI will emerge as a strong alternative for congress and is capable enough to contest against BJP Straight..
    So lets change, lets think.. and vote for change…

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