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  • Palm Foundation helping hands to Soceity

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    Palm Foundation as Established on 15th August 2016. The mission to Help the lower sectors of the Soceity is successfully “ON THE GO”.

    We @ Palm Foundation have lend a helping hands to many backward sector of tbe Soceity. We have Visited many schools in the Rural Areas and have successfully Orgainized Learning Events, Games etc which could Boost the minds of the Students. We have distributed School Umiforms, Books, Bags & Computers in many Schools.

    In addition to thiswe have even lend hands towards the treatment of Sick people who cannot afford to go to Hospitals. We have helped them during major operations. We have even helped people to obtain Ashwini card which could be helpul in the treatment of many diseases free of cost.

    During festivals, we have distributed clothes and other needy things to the poor people. We visit old age home once in three months and distribute food, clothes, blankets etc.

    We have even helped poor people’s marriages. We have helped Handicapped persons to setup their own businesses for their livelihood.

    Come, join us. Be a part of us us in Lending hands to the needy.

    Please visit www.palm.foundation to check the recent updates.

    For Enquireies please email us at info@palm.foundation

    You can also help them with your generous donations by sending your money to the below account number.

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