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  • Indira Canteen’ in all 198 wards of Blore

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    GOK’s ‘Indira Canteen’ in all 198 wards

    The menu for the state government’s `Indira Canteens’ is out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner to the public through these affordable food outlets. The food will be prepared by caterers in 27 centralized kitchens that the civic agency is building in each of the 27 Assembly constituencies of Bengaluru.

    The menu is `Cities favorite’ with Idlies being the mainstay of breakfast and Anna-sambar for lunch. But there is the option of a variety of local breakfast delicacies and seven different kinds of Sambar for lunch and dinner through the week.
    `Beneficiaries’ can either choose three Idlies (150 grams) and coconut chutney (100 grams) for breakfast or Puliyogare, Kharabhat (Uppittu), Pongal, Rave Kichidi,Chitranna, Vangibhat and Chow Chow Bhat (Uppittu plus Kesaribhat) that will be served from Monday to Sunday.There will be variety in the chutneys served as well.

    From Pudina chutney on Mondays to Tomato Gojju on Saturdays, there is something new to look forward to every day. Idlies will form 50 per cent of the quantity supplied.
    For lunch and dinner, there will be rice with sambar and curd rice (Mosaranna) with chutney. Rice will be 300 gm and Sambar 150 gm. Curd rice will be 100 gm with 50 gm of chutney.

    The Sambar will be different each day. On Mondays, it will be mixedveg Sambar and down the week it will be Mangaluru Southekayi Sambar, yellow pumpkin Sambar,
    Hirekai (ridge gourd) Sambar, white pumpkin Sambar, Haagalakai (bitter gourd) Sambar and brinjal Sambar. The government knows that not eveyone wants Anna-Sambar
    for lunch and dinner. So the caterer has been told that 50 per cent of the lunch and dinner items will vary. These too change every day. Starting with Tomato-bhat on Monday, there will be Chitranna, Vangibhat, Bisi Bele Bhat, Menthya Pulao, Puliyogare and Darshini Pulao.These will be 300 gm with 50 gm of chutney.
    Curd rice (100 gm) will also be served. The tender document says that if the caterer does not adhere to the prescribed menu, a fine of Rs 500 per day will be levied. To make the deal sweeter for the bidding caterers, the vegetables specified for Sambar for lunch and dinner are those commonly used in restaurants. Relatively cheaper vegetables such as Mangaluru Southekayi and pumpkin and not-so popular vegetables such as bitter gourd and Hirekai get prime place.


    Breakfast will be served between 7.30 am and 10 am while lunch, between 12.30 pm and 3 pm. Dinner is from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.

    The tenderer’s job is to prepare the food at the centralized kitchens (in each Assembly segment) and supply them to designated canteens in the wards of that constituency. Each Assembly constituency will have between four and nine canteens. Five of the 27 kitchens have been reserved for women self-help groups.

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