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  • Abdul Raheem of ldeal Engineering Works Ullal passed away

    By admin - Mon Jul 17, 7:13 am

    Abdul Raheem of ldeal Engineering Works Ullal passed away
    Ullal, Mangalore 17 July: A famous steel fabricator who enjoyed fame across the corners of Mangalore, passed away early thing morning at his residence in Ukacheri, Ullal. He was actively involved in social services. Abdul Raheem’s entire life has been a cause as he made best efforts to help out people in need irrespective of their religion and caste. He is remembered by hundreds of youth for supporting and training them to be technically equipped in steel fabrication. His students later setup their own workshops after receiving professional training from Abdul Raheem. He is very much revered to his nieces Abdul Rauf Puthige of Vshwas Builders. He was also the uncle of SDPI leader Akram Hasan Ullal. He has left his wife, 4 daughters and 5 sons who are now in to business. Abdul Raheem was the senior member of Marhoom Kudroli Hhasnabba Haji.
    His funeral has been attended by hundreds of his family members and relatives along with numerous friends. The last rites of the deceased were carried out in Ullal.

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