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  • Attica Gold have got a clear brand value

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    Attica Gold have got a clear brand value


    Established in the Year 2015, Attica Group is a new and vibrant entrant to the gold trading business with its head office at Queens Road, Bangalore. The promoter of Attica group, Mr.Bommanahalli Babu, has a long-term vision of addressing the problems faced by the public, who wanted to sell their used gold for a fair rate.

    In today scenario, when the public looks for buying gold, they have got hundreds of jewelers available and they are more or less organized. Similarly, when people want to pledge their gold, again there are a number of options available, both in the organized and unorganized sector especially NBFCs, Pawn Brokers, Cooperative Societies, and Banks etc. But when one looks at selling their used old gold for an emergency, options are very limited and the avenues available are lacking transparency. To address the above-stated problem, Mr. Bommanahalli Babu has started an organization namely Attica Gold Company which have got a clear brand value just because of 100% transparency in their business of buying, selling and releasing pledged gold.

    In a short span of its operation and in past one year, Attica Gold Company has opened 20 branches in Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad, Davanagere, Chitradurga and Tumkur and planning to open 300 branches across India in next couple of years after seeing the success of business. The upcoming branches, 5 each in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will open soon in a grand way.

    Though the buyers are buying gold and silver in a random way, Mr.Babu vision is to set up his business in a most professional manner. By installing Karat Checking machines with most modern Germen technology in each and every branch by which, Attica clearly wants to set a milestone in the old/used Gold buying business. Attica Gold Currently has 11 branches across Bangalore and 9 branches in different cities of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Attica Gold Company is in the news, and with its vision to spread this business across the country. Attica has decided to take some positive steps towards creating a world-class business environment, by which there will be an opportunity to satisfy the needy people, who wanted to sell their gold in a most transparent environment with the best possible rate. The Attica group which is one way a Start-up business, with about less than 1 Year vintage, is aiming to provide financial assistance to the customers who want Instant Spot Cash For Gold and Silver ornaments for Best Price.



    Attica Gold is a coalition of investors united in the conviction that customer satisfaction is a vital measure of business performance.

    Established in 2013 by corporate honcho Bommanahalli Babu with two other investors, Attica Gold keeps on rousing and test pioneers in the private area to discover inventive approaches to satisfy unmet group needs and to lead the way towards better arrangement of business and marketing strategies.

    As a Company, we endeavor to achieve success in ways that reflect the view and opinion of people we put resources into as employee or as business associates. Our prosperity is an immediate consequence of our attention on individuals and their professions; our history is a demonstration of our interest in innovations and our support of their organizations.

    We keep on looking for new opportunities for development across the country and businesses. With a proceeded with focus on entrepreneurial administration, we keep up elevated expectations of execution and responsibility in the majority of our organizations.

    Attica Gold strategic and marketing plan has taken an organization few notches on the improvement of organization and has emerged as fastest growing organization in our pioneer.

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