2B Reservation for Muslims should be increased to 8 percent: SDPI

The Kanthraj Commission report should be accepted and made public.

2B reservation for Muslims should be increased to 8 percent.

State-wide protest and sit-in by the SDPI party demanding the same.

Among the six-and-a-half-thousand castes of India, there are a large number of small castes who have no voice, do not appear in any government records, and do not have the least information about any government scheme. The outcry is still alive that the government has not given proper consideration to the inclusion of the minority and minority castes and tribal in its development index.

If a democratic country is to ensure that all the people are represented in its policy-making, accurate statistics of social, economic, educational, and political representation of each caste, and community are required.

Along with the 1931 census, a caste census was also conducted. Even though 90 years have passed, no caste census has been conducted across the country. Since 1991 when OBC reservation in education and employment came into force, there was a strong demand for a caste census, so in 2003-04, the central government released Rs. 21.5 crore for a pilot project of caste census in Karnataka. At that time Siddaramaiah was Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister in Karnataka. 1.5 Crore was given by the Karnataka government then. But it did not happen due to the negligence of the then governments. Later, under the leadership of Manmohan Singh, after 2011, it was proposed to conduct a separate caste census, but it also failed to materialize.
In the year 2014, when Siddaramaiah was in power as Chief Minister, Congress ordered a survey of caste, demographic, social, and educational conditions. The then government had said that the survey was being conducted to enable the state government to determine the quotas for reservation in the OBC category as per the 127th Constitution Amendment Bill. The survey was conducted in April and May 2015 by a total of 1.6 lakh personnel and surveyed 1.3 crore households in Karnataka. The state government had spent a total of Rs. 187 crores to conduct the survey. However, it is a big tragedy that the government that ordered the survey refused to at least accept that report. The BJP, and the Congress – JDS coalition government never responded positively to accepting the report. Now the Siddaramaiah-led Congress party with full majority is back in power. Will the government will accept this report at least now? most of the senior members of the Congress are vehemently opposing the idea of releasing the report to the public, let alone accepting it. They are not allowing the statistics and recommendations of the report to be revealed to the people of the country, even Chief Minister Siddaramaiah himself is showing his helplessness in this regard. The categories are to be reclassified based on the social, educational, and economic status of each caste as may be found in the survey report. Categories have to be reclassified every 10 years. However, even after 29 years, it has not happened. Based on the survey reports leaked through the media, the caste-wise population in the state is said to be in this ratio.
* Scheduled Caste (SC): 1 crore, 8 lakhs
* Muslims: 85 lakhs
* Lingayat: 60 lakhs
* Okkaliga: 50 lakhs
* Kuruba: 45 lakhs
* Scheduled Tribe (ST): 40.45 lakhs
* Ediga: 15 lakhs
* Vishwakarma: 15
* Bestha: 15 lakhs
* Brahmins: 14 lakhs
* Golla (Yadava): 10 lakhs
* Madiwala Samaja: 6 lakhs
* Are Alemari: 6 lakhs
* Kumbara: 5 lakhs
* Savitha Samaja: 5 lakhs
Jayaprakash Hegde, the current chairman of the Permanent Commission for Backward Classes, is said to recommend the government for reclassification of the list of backward classes.

Reservation for Backward Castes in employment and education cannot be applied to the political sphere. In 2010, the Supreme Court directed the states to create separate political reservations after three-stage verification of information based on reliable data by the Commission for Backward Classes. The Supreme Court has reiterated the same order.
Therefore, SDPI is demanding the release of the Kantaraj Commission report for the all-round development of backward classes.

2B reservation for Muslims should be increased to 8%

The Basavaraja Bommai government decided to exclude Muslims from the OBC category and removed the reservation given to Muslims under the 2B category. 4% reservation was cancelled. This reservation was divided between Veerashaiva – Lingayat and Okkaliga communities at 2% each. The Okkaligas and Lingayats were mostly opposed to this move by the government. The Congress party had strongly opposed this move by the BJP government. A case was filed against this decision of the government in the Supreme Court as well. Exclusion of Muslims from the OBC (Other Backward Caste) list is unconstitutional. What was the need to withdraw the reservation quota based on the interim report without waiting for the final report of the Permanent Commission for Backward Classes? The court questioned the government. Accordingly, the Karnataka BJP government also assured that ‘no action will be taken on the March 27 order’. Siddaramaiah himself is now the Chief Minister who expressed outrage against the then BJP government for leaving Muslims out of the 2B reservation. Siddaramaiah-led Congress government should immediately cancel the BJP government’s recommendation to cancel the 2B reservation for Muslims and withdraw the court case. Muslims constitute 18 percent of the state’s population. Hence the proportion of 2B reservations should be increased to 8%. In many states, Muslim reservation has reached 12%. The Chinnappa Reddy Commission had opined that a 7% reservation should be given to Muslims saying that Muslims in the country are very backward and neglected in all fields. Kaka Kalelkar Report, Rehman Khan Report, Rajendra Sachar Report, Ranganath Mishra Report, etc. conducted by various governments have all confirmed that Muslims are neglected and exploited. The Congress government of the state should not waste much time in this matter and take a firm decision immediately and fulfill the promises made in the elections. The number of Muslims in education and government jobs is very low. Demanding that it is the government’s responsibility to correct this injustice and raise it to the average level of all caste communities in the development index.

Realizing such a responsibility, in the state of Bihar, where Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister, even though the population of Nitish Kumar’s caste, Kurmis, is only 2.87 percent, without any embarrassment, whining, or malice, bought out a report which puts the population of backward classes with 27% reservation at 63 percent of the population in Bihar, according to the caste census opened the door to demand social justice. Nitish Kumar has overcome many challenges and obstacles faced by casteists and communalists and has successfully fought legal battles and left open the floodgates for the demand for social justice in Bihar. Following this model, the SDPI has started a statewide campaign demanding that Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah should immediately accept and release the Kantaraj Commission report.

SDPI has launched a statewide campaign. In this regard, it has been decided to create public awareness through petitioning the governor, Twitter (X) campaign, poster campaign, sit-in, protest, press conference, seminars ect., from 9/10/2023 to 13/10/2023, national thinkers, social activists, leaders of various castes, organizations, political leaders, women leaders, religious leaders, and representatives of disadvantaged communities will participate in a one-day sit-in program across the state to express their support. For social justice and the merit development of all classes of people, we are requesting the public to give all kinds of suggestions and cooperation to this campaign and join hands in protest and join hands with us for social justice.

Thank you.