New Delhi, 29 August, 2022: A group of concerned citizens from different walks of life
expressed deep concern over inexorable erosion of citizens’ Constitutional right s  and
declared solidarity with the efforts to preserve them from misuse and highhandedness
through the majoritarian exertion. These views were expressed by participants during the
Delhi State Presidium and General Committee formation of Sanvidhan Surakhsha Aandolan
(SSA) on 28 August, 2022 at India International Centre.
Speaking on the occasion, a senior member of the Presidium and former Member of
Parliament Maulana Obaidullah Khan Azmi said, “What is happening in the country
amounts to “political rape”. It is high time people knew about their rights and obligations as
citizens.” He said that slavery was transformed into freedom through sacrifices. Time has
come for a more vigorous fight for our Constitutional rights, the example of which was
shown by students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University when they stood
against an unconstitutional decision. Unfortunately, that move got halted with the outbreak
of the Covid pandemic and the lockdown that followed.
Azmi warned that the situation has come to such a passé that citizens are not feeling safe
even with the Constitution. He was referring to the increasing misuse of the Constitution by
the incumbent regime. Therefore, there is a need for Constitutional awakening for which a
nationwide movement has been started.
Pankaj Pushkar, Ex-MLA of Delhi came heavily on RSS and VHP stating that these outfits
have no right to speak on his behalf as they do not represent the Hindu majority and the
spiritual connection it has with the Creator. Ayodhya is not a temple but a “particular
project” which is also being used by the central government for political mileage, he said.
Father Denzil suggested working at the grassroots level to effect changes and ensuring that
people spreading hatred get isolated.
Senior journalist Abid Anwar remarked that getting people their rights is the biggest need
of the time. There is nothing we can call media today, he said, adding that we have to think have to reach out the people.

Answering a question directed to the movement’s objective, Fr Susai Sebastian said that
movements provide guidance and elaborated how SSA serves as an important platform
both for seeking nationwide suggestions and proving guidance to continue the fight for
Constitutional rule in the country. Major Himanshu said that vote is the biggest equaliser
and whoever is sitting as the Prime Minister is due only to vote. Therefore, instead of
discussing who is who what we need to think is how things have reached where they have
reached today. We need to make an opinion against majoritarian exertion, he added.
Mohammad Shafi, National General Secretary of SSA announced the formation of Delhi
State Presidium and General Committee.
Earlier, the programme began with a welcome note by convener Wasim Akram Tyagi and it
was moderated by Dr Hafizur Rahman who said that the meeting’s primary concern was the
Raj Bala Singh, Saheer Abbas, J. Abdul Kader, Faisal Hashmi, Salman Mujaddidi, Abdullah, Dr
I A Khan, Irfan Ahmed, Adv Mohd. Ikram, Md. Mukhtar Aziz, Mehdi Hasan Mansoori,
Neelam Ahluwalia, Adv Saleem Saifi, Adv Muhammed Abid, S. G. Jilani, Khadija, Mukhtar
Ashraf, Mushtaq Ansari, Muzammil Khan, Zahid Taj, Mohammad Ekram Rabbani and other
members of different civil society groups participated and shared their views.
Joint convener and programme coordinator Manzar Imam proposed a vote of thanks.
Rajratana Ambedkar
Mohammad Shafi