Date : 01-08-2022

Criminalisation of Triple Talaq: More Harm than Good

The government that engages in high shallow talks about the freedom, safety and choice of Muslim women while declaring August 1st as ‘Muslim Women Empowerment Day‘ has failed to provide even a reasonable living standard to them. Three years since the enactment of Triple Talaq law, men aren’t divorcing but deserting their wives, to avoid going to jail.

The Women’s Help Centre, in the past three years since the parliament passed the law to criminalise Triple Talaq on 30th July 2019, hardly ever gets complaints of women being subjected to Triple Talaq. The criminalisation of Triple Talaq has given rise to a new problem: “abandonment”. Those males from the Muslim community who want to legally divorce their spouse are now eschewing the procedure of divorce, and are just ‘abandoning’ their wife to avoid the Triple Talaq law being slapped on them, and to escape from providing the maintenance and sustenance to the divorcee.

The Triple Talaq law, which has been hyped to be for the ‘protection of Muslim women’ has turned out to be more harmful to the Muslim women than any good. Even after criminalisation, most police stations across the country don’t want to file a case under the law. The victims of divorce have to run from pillar to post to get a case registered.

National Women’s Front demands that the law should revoked and the rights of divorced Muslim women should be protected. The Mohammadan Law being followed in the country needs to be revamped in accordance with the Quranic directives of equality, which are also in line with the Constitutional principles of justice..

Noushira Banu
General Secretary


Headquarters :- 5/3274 A, Bank Road, Calicut-673001