Withdraw GST on Essential Food and Stationery Items

Modi led BJP union government has made the life of the people extremely difficult by imposing GST on essential food items. Just days after raising the price of domestic LPG gas cylinders by Rs 50, the finance minister has levied 5% GST on essential food and stationery items which has hit the family budget of the Indian middle class hard. Dear FM seems to have targeted especially the small consumers by levying the tax on small packs of upto 25 kg only. Which means that the lower and middle class families who cannot afford to buy in bulk and hoard up the supply will be shelling out more for their food.

This means that all those who can afford to stock up more than 25 kg packs of pulses of each kind, semolina, flour, rice, curd, paneer, etc will continue to pay the same price but those who cannot afford such large quantities will pay an additional 5% GST on these essential goods. This, the honorable minister reasons, is to ‘check the inefficiencies in the supply chain’. This is nothing but yet another policy of the government working up against the interest of the poor of the country. Modi government, instead of working for the all round development and progress of the people, is looting the people of this country by its thoughtless and insensitive tax policies. The central govt, ever since its inception, has only been a pain, digging deep into the pockets of the common man.

Women India Movement feels the pain of the families of the common man being hit hard with this anti-people policy of the government and demand a roll back of the decision to impose GST on essential food items to save the poor from going hungry. Women India Movement declares a nationwide protest against this policy which shall not stop till the government reverses its position in this regard.

Afshan Aziz
National General Secretary
Women India Movement