Press release:

LPG Price Rise is the gift of Modi Government for “Acche Din” : WIM

New Delhi: The price of domestic LPG cylinders has gone up yet again for the 3rd time in the past two months. There is no check on the rise of inflation in the country. The middle class family already reeling under financial stress without any job opportunities for their children has to bear this burden. A study shows that although 97% of households in India have an LPG connection, only about 40% use them due to the high price . So much for the ‘achche din’ and ‘smart city’ projects of the Government! The government has forced the people of the country to switch to the old ways of using firewood for cooking. Leading to a compromise with the health of women and children and an increase in the carbon footprint of the country.

How can our honorable Prime Minister justify this reversal in the ways of cooking instead of cleaner and better fuels during climate change summits that he so famously attends? Does the PM think the world is not watching? Or is he confident of taking the entire world for a ride with his ‘jumla politics’?

WIM national president Mrs Yasmin Islam said in her statement that We can no longer turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the poor of the nation who can barely manage two square meals a day. The BJP government has no concrete plans to save the economy of the country and no plans whatsoever for the growth of the nation. Ever since this government came to power their sole focus has been to divide the country along religious lines without a thought about the development of the country. Women India Movement criticizes the insensitive step of the government to raise the price of the LPG cylinder making it beyond the reach of the people and announces to hold nationwide protests to force the Government to reverse its decision.