programme by UNESCAP to  Women Entrepreneurs on digital marketing at Maldives.
  • The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific South and South-West Asia Office (UNESCAP-SSWA) and the Commonwealth Secretariat  jointly organized a training in Maldives during 6-9 June 2022. The training is organized in partnership with the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), Geneva and the Maldives Women’s Chamber of Commerce. It is a proud privilege for Karnataka that the

    Founder president of UBUNTU Mrs.Ratnaprabha IAS, former Chief Secretary, Govt Of Karnataka was invited as panellist for the above program. It is also a recognition of the Ubuntu Consortium’s hard work during Covid Times.Two of Ubuntu Consortium members Ms. Gayathri Suresh & Anitha Suresh were selected to participate in the training program.  Member of UBUNTU Mrs. Deepali Gotadike was invited as the certified trainer for this training program.

    The training program aimed at focusing on the importance of digital marketing for business. Mrs Ratna Prabha spoke on the initiatives of Ubuntu consortium & support of Govt. Karnataka in encouraging Women Entrepreneurs.

    Women Entrepreneurs from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangka Desh, India, Bhutan, Mauritius & Africa & 19 Countries attended. The representatives of all the countries appreciated the initiatives of Ubuntu consortium which is unique & first of its kind.They expressed their joy to join the consortium.

    Smt. Fatimaath Niuma Deputy Minister of National Planning & Housing Maldives inaugurated the program.

    Dr. Rajan Sudesh Ratna Deputy Head UN ESCAP was present & expressed that UNESCAP  would like to work with UBUNTU CONSORTIUM in  future by organizing an offline program on Aug 2nd,2022 in Bangalore.Already more than 200 participants across Karnataka have already registered for this training.

    The meeting gave an opportunity for networking & several organisations across nations, who are desirous of joining Ubuntu Consortium.

    Ms Catherine Haswell UN Resident coordinator Maldives said she was happy to be with UBUNTU & the take away is that we made good business leads and build the networks.

    Covid has put people on digital platform & partnership amongst women entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

    Ms. Zilfeeena Hasan Minister of state for Gender Family & Social Services Maldives in her valedictory address said digital training is the need of the hour. She was grateful that the UNESCAP & Common Wealth has provided the much needed opportunity which opened up due to pandemic crisis. Online market place is now part of life which has become the easiest tool for women Entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses.

    Dr. Radika Kumar  Advisor Infrastructure policy, Trade & NaturalResources of Common Wealth Secretariat stressed the need of focus on digital infrastructure for businesses to grow. She also expressed that Common Wealth can work on pilot projects with govts & Ubuntu Consortium.

    UBUNTU CONSORTIUM, an organisation founded by Smt. Ratna Prabha, IAS former Chief Secretary of Karnataka, is established with an object of capacity building and strengthening of Women entrepreneur Associations/committees/ Chapters for the growth of the organisation and in turn, they support the growth of their members. The organisation has 33 associations across 9 states which are affiliated with an indirect membership of more than 22000 women entrepreneurs.UBUNTU CONOSORTUM is working closely with State government of Karnataka in addressing the concerns of the women entrepreneurs and facilitating participation of women entrepreneurs in several training programmes, trade fairs etc.


    (Smt. Jyothi Balakrishnan)

    Hon. Secretary, UBBUNTU CONSORTIUM