Muzaffarnagar, 21st Dec 2021 : The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Uttar Pradesh State Committee organised an impressive and huge rally under the theme “Uttar Pradesh Democracy Conference” here on Sunday. Attacking the ruling party for its attempts to weaken the Constitution and democratic institutions, SDPI leadership vowed that they will thwart such attempts with full determination.

MK Faizy, National President of SDPI blasted the RSS and the BJP in his opening address at the Democracy Conference, stating that the Singh Pariah was destroying the country’s Constitution and democracy. He said SDPI’s democracy conference is the beginning of a long-drawn-out struggle against the efforts to turn the country into an authoritarian state by changing the present Constitution. We won’t allow fascist forces to weaken the constitutional democracy, said Faizy.

Recalling the sacrifices made by western Uttar Pradesh during the freedom struggle, Faizy said that we have chosen this area for our conference because it took lead in the first war of Independence. He flagged that a private bill has been introduced in Parliament by a BJP member seeking to remove the words Socialism and Secularism from the preamble of the Indian Constitution. He also alleged that the Singh Pariah was also attempting to wipe out opposition parties with an aim of imposing one-party rule in the country and pushing the country into a fascist state.

Referring to the opposition parties, SDPI chief further underlined that the BJP is following hard Hindutva while the opposition is trying to counter it by adopting soft Hindutva. Only SDPI can take on the BJP ideologically as its philosophy is all-inclusive and it wants all weaker sections and oppressed people free from hunger and fear. “Party’s thinking revolves around these two important slogans: freedom from hunger and freedom from fear and the SDPI is a party of the voiceless, underprivileged and deprived people.”

All over the country, the SDPI works for Muslims, Dalits, oppressed, poor, farmers, and labourers. Slamming Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s formulation of “Hindu Government,” he asked what would be the place of Muslims, Dalits and tribals in such a government.

Special Guest Hazrat Maulana Khalil-Ur-Rehman Sajjad Nomani stated that SDPI will not allow any attempt to undermine the country’s democracy and Constitution to succeed. SDPI, according to Maulana Sajjad Nomani, is a party that advocates for all backward and oppressed groups, not just Muslims. Maulana Sajjad Nomani stated, “I have had the opportunity of speaking to thousands of people in the country and abroad for more than fifty years, but today I can tell with all my heart that there is so much spiritual delight everywhere on any stage.” It hasn’t happened as often as today, but a vibrant, daring, courageous, and true political party is delighted to speak on the SDPI stage and among the brave workers. As far as political parties are concerned, I have not attended any meeting till date. But for the first time I am attending an SDPI meeting, said Maulana Sajjad Nomani.

Referring many instances, particularly of letting of the murder accused of builder Asif in Mewat under pressure, SDPI National Vice President Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad flagged that the rule of law has been eroded in the country since the BJP came to power. SDPI wants the rule of law and strict adherence to the Constitution. He went on to say that while democracy was founded on equality; the upper classes, who are very less in number in the caste-ridden society, have monopolised the power and economy because they are well-organised. He urged Muslims to stay united, claiming that in the caste-based social order of the country, they, as one social unit, are in actual terms in majority but their dispersion has pushed them into political margins. “We must make a determined effort in the country for social and political change keeping in mind of our future generations,” he stated.

Another National Vice President of SDPI, Muhammad Shafi stated that the party was an effective voice against persecution. Citing examples of mob lynching, he urged that we should desist from making mob-lynching videos viral since these are intended to instill fear among Muslims. He pointed out that Dalits are facing mob- lynch attacks more than Muslims. Muhammad Shafi stated that SDPI would continue to fight to get the CAA repealed.

In his speech, National Vice President BM Kamble said that Muslims are very friendly to Dalits and the lower sectors of society. When Congress had defeated Dr Ambedkar in Mumbai, Muslims were the ones who brought him to the Constituent Assembly. Hadn’t Dr Ambedkar been a member of the Constituent Assembly, we would not have the current constitution, which the Sangh Parivar fears and seeks to repeal.

SDPI National General Secretary Ms. Yasmeen Farooqi said that Muslims need to get out of the psyche of fear and struggle to raise voice and solve the problems of the people.

In his speech, National General secretary Seetaram Kohiwal quoted Dr B.R Ambedkar’s message “who said No matter how well the constitution of the country is written, if the people running the country are not good, then no change will come and if the constitution is not written well but the government of the country is good, then the country will climb the ladder of success”.


Earlier, SDPI Uttar Pradesh State President Dr Nizamuddin Khan, while welcoming the participants, said that SDPI was working with strong will to form a government in Uttar Pradesh. The proceedings of the conference were conducted by Dr IA Khan and the vote of thanks was offered by SDPI State Secretary Abdul Moeed Hashmi Sardar Gurujant Singh, Bharatiya Dalit Samaj Morcha Punjab, SDPI National Secretary Alfonso Franco, National Working Committee Member Sadshiv Tripathi, Saheer Abbas, Mufti Khalid Sheikh, Jitender Prasad Naim, SDPI Western Uttar Pradesh President Muhammad Kamil and others also addressed the gathering. SDPI West Uttar Pradesh Vice President Mahindra Singh, General Secretary Shoaib Hassan, Secretary Noor Hassan, Imran Tomar, Maulana Qamar Mazhari, SDPI Central UP Vice President Haroon Sahil, General Secretary Muhammad Saleem, Secretary Dr Fakhr Alam including SDPI Muzaffarnagar District President Shakeel and thousands of workers and women attended the conference.