LPG, the price of domestic gas, has been steadily rising. Prices have doubled in the last seven years. In the meantime, there is good news for consumers. Once again LPG gas cylinders are being subsidized. The subsidy money has been transferred to the customer’s account. According to sources, LPG is now being given to consumers at a subsidy of Rs 79.26 per cylinder.

Meanwhile, some consumers are reportedly getting a subsidy of Rs 158.52 or Rs 237.78. So in such a situation, there is still confusion. Also, for the last several days, there have been cases of non-payment of subsidy in the customer’s account. However, now the complaints have stopped coming.

You can also check

There are two ways to check the amount of gas subsidy. The first by registered mobile number and the second by LPG ID, which is written in your gas passbook. Let’s find out what is the process?

1) First you go to http://mylpg.in/ and click on LPG Subsidy Online. Here you will see tabs of three LPG cylinder companies. Click on the company to which your cylinder belongs. Suppose you have an indane gas cylinder, then click on Indane.

2) After selecting the Complaint option, click on Next button. A new interface will then open in front of you, containing your bank details. From the details you will know whether the subsidy money is coming in your account or not.

How much does the government spend on subsidies?

The government’s expenditure on subsidies was Rs 3,559 crore in FY2021. In FY20, the expenditure was Rs 24,468 crore. Meanwhile, it is under the DBTL scheme, which was launched in January 2015, under which customers have to pay the entire amount of unsubsidized LPG cylinders. Also, the subsidy money is returned by the government to the customer’s bank account. The scheme is named as DBTL as the return is direct.