Bangalore 10 November: “Great Nationalist Martyr Tippu Sultan”  book in Kannada  released hear today , by Stuthi Publications and information trust.   Congress Party MLC farmers Rajyasabha MP  BK Hariprasad in his innougrel address  said there was  562 kings was ruled india during British rule. only Bahadursha zafar  was ready to lead freedom fight against British rule. Tippu Sultan was real secular ruler.  who himself martyred in war fild in war with British. Tippu Sultan implimented Social justice and women dignity law successfully. he was real land reformer and distributed free land rights to daliths and marginalised. maratas Hindu  regims was attacked Shringeri Hindu Temple but Muslim Secular Ruler Tippu was protected and donated funds for renovation.

Renoved Research Schooler Dr  Banjagere Jayaprakash Released the book. and said
Good Hindu should not be hate Muslims for religious beliefs . this was ideology of mahathma gandhiji . this is one of the reason Hindu extremists sangparivar  hate Ghandhiji.

Prof Mahesh Chandra Guru.Auther of the book said Tippu was champion of welfare state. he is not only model  leader for  Mysore ,South India , India, Arabia or Persia he is world model Ruler. he is more relevant presents globalization peiriod  which exploiting farmers, daliths, muslims Labour’s, and marginalised communitys.before Carl Marx Tippu protected rights of Labour’s. He was against capitalism and promoter of humanism. i written this book with 400 authentic   references. Now also he lives in heart of millions . Communal Manuvadis spreads fals propaganda for political gain and Hindu muslim division.

Farmer Minister and Social Activist       B T Lalitha Nayak Said Tippus father Hydar Ali  was given good education and training he is good model for Every Parent’s. Historien Prof Nanjaraje urs Said Tippu was funded and Donated  hundreds of acr valuable Cultivating farm’s  to more than 65 Hindu  temple’s in South Malabar.

SDPI karnataka President Abdul Majeed Mysore said Tippu Sultan Made 35 Thousand Lake’s  for irrigation but present day governments Failed in maintaining this lake’s. he bought silk from foreign countries Now lakhs of families earning livelihood by silk industry.

Cheif Editor of Prastuta Magazine   Abdul Razak Kemmara Presided The function. he said Vision, Sacrifices and Contribution of the Martyr King Tippu Sultan is always remembered.

Former minister Shivmoorthi Nayak, Social Activist Shreenivas Moorthi, Akram Hasan Ullal, Prof Nooruddin, A K Ashraf, Thafseer, Nazia Kausar and other Dignitaries was Present on Programme. Iqbal Jokatte given welcome,  Rilwan valal made MC . Basheer Adyanadka Given vote of thanks.