Eviction and Police Firing in Assam Outrageous – SDPI

MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounced the police firing in Gorukhuti village in Sipajhar Revenue Circle under Darrang district of Assam, in which two people were killed. The police act is highly outrageous, inhumane and brutal, stated Faizy.

The police opened fire on a mob that was protesting against the forceful eviction from the land where they have been living for decades. The BJP government is implementing its agenda of stripping of citizenship of Muslims accusing them as ‘encroachers’ and ‘illegal immigrants’ from Bangladesh. The eviction exercise has left more than 800 families comprising 5000 people homeless.

Evicting the landless poor citizens from the land in the current vulnerable pandemic situation without arranging alternate rehabilitation facilities is cruel. The government who is supposed to take care of the welfare of the people is engaged in polarising them in the name of religion and killing them. The people in the area have been subjected to harassment repeatedly by the BJP Government since they came to power in 2016. They are mostly cultivators and their source of sustenance is being attacked. Most of them had occupied the land as they are landless and cannot afford to buy their own land.

The chief minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma instead of solacing the victims, was celebrating the cruelty by complimenting the police for the brutality through tweet and uploading the photographs of eviction and demolition of a mosque.

The magnitude of the hatred against Muslims that the extreme rightwing Hindutva fascists have injected into the common people is evident from the viral video of a photographer kicking and kneeing a protester who lay motionless on the ground after being beaten by the police. No human being, but the Sanghis, can be so cruel and brutal, said Faizy.

Faizy urged the Assam government to abstain from evicting the Indian citizens branding them as illegal immigrants, only because their religion is Islam; and to end the cruelties against Muslims in the state. He also demanded that the evicted people be rehabilitated immediately and reasonable compensation be paid to the kith and kin of the victims killed in the firing.