BENGALURU: Sep 14 : Police resorted to  lathi-charge after students protesting against National Education Policy (NEP) tried to break the barricade at Mysore bank circle and march towards Vidhana Soudhaon today

Above 500 Male and Female students from Campus Front of India gathered at Mysore bank circle on Tuesday afternoon and condemned the central government for the policy. “NEP breaks down the unity in diversity” and “We will never let education to be sold, we will never allow NEP” their placards read.
However, the protesters, who were standing on the left side of the road in groups of twos and threes, suddenly marched into the middle of the road and blocked the traffic heading towards Majesti Later, they announced marching towards Vidhana Soudha. Many of them sat in the middle of the road,
Police forcefully dispersed them and shifted to police vans and buses before driving away. Arrested and later Released.
Attaulla Punjalkatte, state President  of Campus Front of India, said police unnecessarily used force.

“We wanted to march towards Vidhana Soudha and cops rejected our pleas. Some protesters sat on the road, demanding that we should be allowed to walk to Vidhana Soudha,” he said.On the other hand, senior cops justified their actions.    “Demonstration of protest against Ruling Govt and it’s anti social acts is the fundamental right of every common man. Suppressing the protestors using policeman without following any prior orders is highly disgusting. criminal Cops must be dismissed.” Said AK Ashraf State Secretary Popular Front Karnataka.

“Govt has proved again that it is very Frail. Stop being amok, why are you reluctant towards student activism. It is a vile move by the govt towards students. Mirage of your central leader is gone. It was wimp to swing your lathi against women”. said victim Female Member of CFI.
Opposition leader Siddaramayya, Karnataka congress President D K Shivkumar, SDPi State President Abdul Hannan, Pfi State President Yasir Hassan and Other Progressive Leaders
Condemned Police Lathi Charge.