Haj and Wakf Department,
Vikasa Soudha,
Hope and Trust that this letter would find you in good health and
As we are undergoing the agony around due to the unprecedented
spread of Covid-19 infection and the Government machinery is
mustering all its strength to fight the dreaded disease with the
lockdown extended till 14th of June, 2021, I feel that we should strive
hard to extend all support to the Government and other
governmental and non governmental agencies fighting the pandemic
Covid-19. It is also pertinent to mention that many other issues such
as black fungus, white fungus and yellow fungus have also caused
further damage to the health condition of many people who have
even recovered from Covid-19 and requires emergent attention of
the Government. Apart from this, we should pay our immediate
attention for expeditious completion of the vaccination schedule so
as to be ready for meeting the challenge of the threat of third wave
of the virus. Since the whole situation requires emergent handling
warranting the deputation of government officials with additional
task, it is expedient that any other issues which do not call for
emergent handling should be postponed in order to pay attention to
the pandemic situation.
Further, it is worth mentioning that the Government has effected
partial unlocking of the day to day operations since the Covid-19
pandemic has not been fully brought under control. The public
transport and the movement of people remain to be affected even
after partial withdrawal of lockdown. In these circumstances, many
would find it difficult to reach the destination for the election

Apart from this, the Karnataka Board of Aukaf was not constituted
and the Chairman of the Karnataka Board of Awkaf who is ex-officio
member of the Haj Committee was not elected yet which leaves the
Haj Committee incomplete. The election to the post of Chairman, Haj
Committee is therefore to be conducted only after constitution of the
Karnataka Board of Awkaf and it is not an urgent issue to be dealt
with immediately. I therefore, demand the postponement of the
election to the Karnataka Haj Committee, sine die, till the situation is
improved and becomes conducive for conducting such elections.
Further, there is likely to be violation of Covid-19 protocol as
happened in any election due to the irresponsible behavior of the
supporters of the contestants and other interested persons, which
will scuttle the good results achieved during the lockdown period by
imposing strenuous measures.
Hence, I request you to postpone the election to the post of
Chairman, Haj Committee, scheduled on 17-06-2021 indefinitely
until the prevailing pandemic situation improves and it becomes
conducive for conducting elections without the fear of the spread of
disease and obliged.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
(B. M. Farookh)
Member of Legislative Council
Government of Karnataka