National Women’s Front president, Shahida A, in a statement issued to media, has called the sedition charges against Lakshadweep filmmaker Aisha Sultan,  as  part of the attempt to silence dissent on the island.

The entire population of Lakshadweep is angry with legislations and reforms being adopted since Mr. Praful Patel was appointed as the new central administrator of Lakshadweep. They are authoritarian and threaten to eliminate the unique cultural identity and way of life of the indigenous population in the Dweep. Aisha Sultana, the first film maker from the Island, raised voice for her people by taking their concerns to the national media and demanding justice. NWF is shocked and dismayed that Kavarathi police has registered a sedition case against her. This is nothing but an attempt to silence free speech and dissent of a female filmmaker representing a disadvantaged section of the society. It has already become clear that the ruling party is unsettled by the ilk of Ms. Sultana speaking out against repressive and undemocratic measures of Praful Patel and creating a popular sentiment in favour of the people of Lakshadweep. So they hatched a conspiracy to silence them and, seemingly, the case is part of it.

NWF demands to drop the case immediately. While expressing our solidarity with Aisha Sultana and with the people of Lakshadweep, we appeal to all democratic forces in the country to come out to condemn the case.