225+ SDPI backed representatives elected in Grama panchayat election 2020.

Last time SDPI had got majority in 1 panchayat and we got “Best Governance Gram Panchayat” award also.

IN 2020 GRAMA PANCHAYAT election SDPI got 225 seats & majority in 3 panchayats and are decision makers in more than 10 panchayats. Morethan 50 seats were lost with just few votes.

It should be noted that, morethan 20% of winners are Dalit and other backward communities. Also, morethan 50% are women winners.

The result clearly shows that, SDPI as a party has earned a value and acceptance even in rural areas of Karnataka.
It also shows that, apart from Muslims, SDPI has got votes and elected from other religions too.

Social Democratic party of India, state president ABDUL HANNAN thank the people of Karnataka for believing and increasing our seats 300% from the last term.
We will continue to work for the people were in we have not won and will continue our role of responsible opposition in exposing the corrupt, communal and hypocrite politics of all parties.

Press released By

State President
SDPI, Karnataka