Dear sir/ Respected madam,
As-salaamu alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak to yourself and your family.
Please accept the best wishes and sincere Duas from each member of the Teams of Volunteers engaged in Service to Humanity under the auspices of the Talent Research Foundation (TRF), Mangalore.
TRF and its teams of volunteers are well known for the variety of services they have rendered to the needy members of the human society in the region during the past 14 years. The sincerity, dedication and hard work of these volunteers along with their efficiency is widely acknowledged, Al hamdulillah. During every Ramadan, since the inception of this NGO, our teams have been reaching out to the needy and deserving individuals and families in the region and delivering them the assistance they deserve. While the scale and volume of our services have been increasing by leaps and bounds with every passing year, this year (2020) with the help of Allah, our team was able to reach an entirely different level of achievements.

While we are eternally grateful to Allah, for making all our accomplishments possible, we remember with gratitude, the way, yourself and many of our supporters, mentors and sponsor have consistently extended their support and assistance in all our endeavors. We are proud that you have always been keenly watching the situation at the ground here and have been quite quick in responding to each of our calls.

You are aware, how COVID -19 has brought before us, an entirely new series of extremely tough challenges. It is indeed a totally unprecedented situation and requires a radically different approach and a highly efficient level of response. Our entire network and all our volunteers are already working overtime to meet the ever increasing needs of the various sections of people. Those who are familiar with TRF are aware of the unique nature of services rendered by this NGO. Our services are not confined to mere supply of bread and butter. TRF in fact has been sensitive to all kind of requirements of the suffering masses and has effectively catered to their needs.

TRF enjoys a great degree of credibility in the region for some of its uniquely creative and successful achievements, such as – ensuring self-employment for over 1,000 youth, facilitating the marriage of over 272 girls aged above 30 years (under NANDE PENGAL Project), During the month of Ramadan, financial assistance to over 500 families of deserving orphans, widows, disabled persons etc. Delivery of ration kits to over 1,500 families that were in hardship due to COVID 19 related lock down.

Right now, in the context of COVID -19, we are facing an emergency situation and our immediate requirement, budget and targets have increased manifold. We are sure all our supporters and sponsors fully understand the seriousness of the situation and will rush to join hands with our team.
We request you to donate a significant part of your Zakat and Sadaqa to TRF and thereby successfully reach out to the deserving beneficiaries. With timely assistance from you we can reach thousands of people in the region who are really in need of urgent humanitarian Aid. Please assist TRF to assist the needy.
We look forward to your active participation and generous support in the noble endeavours of TRF.
May Allah reward you all. In fact nobody can reward the way He does.
You may contact us personally, or may send your contributions to the account mentioned below:

CURRENT A/C NO – 05250200000480

Contact – 0824-4267883, 9844773906
Yours faithfully