Shri. Narendra Modi
The Hon. Prime Minister
Govt.of India
New Delhi

Sub: The crisis faced by Indian expatriates in the Gulf countries due to Covid 19 out break-Urgent attention of PMO requested.

Dear Sir,

Your emergent attention is drawn to the important issues facing the Indian diaspora in the Gulf region under lockdown caused by Covid pandemic . Emergency intervention on the part of PMO would certainly be a great relief to the stranded citizens of the country.We request you to consider the following suggestions to resolve the crisis.

* Send urgent medical teams to the
countries to treat the sick and ailing.

* Take steps to repatriate ordinary migrant workers who have lost their jobs and render medical help and financial assistance to them.

* Set up quarantine camps to accommodate returning non-residents.

*Special care for people of more than 60 years , with heart disease and other comorbidities needing continuous treatment,who had gone there on short-term
visa.Many of them might have been trapped and unable to return home.

* Arrange hygienic facilities for the displaced persons in labour camps and bachelor accommodation in
crowded areas.

* Use Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) to help Indians in financial crisis

* Help those with no money and hence struggling to get food, water pay rent and for utilities.

* There sre thousands of families in India who rely solely on expatriate income are in crisis. Take steps to give them emergency aid they need.

*Direct different government agencies to co-ordinate the emergent relief and rehabilitation with NGOs and volunteers working with NRIs.

Abdul majid Faizy


SDPI kerala