Ullal 5 Jan  : Thousands of Muslims and non muslim  hit the streets in this coastal karnataka city  Today , demanding that the Modi government withdraw the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).and proposed NRC / NPR

The students, female, Fishermen and General public participating in the massive protest.  raised slogans against the Central government’s decision to implement CAA and carried indian national flag at hazrath ground.

The rally and the convention to declare agitation against the CAA was organised jointly by a coordination of Muslim organisations, including Samastha Kerala Jamiyathul Ulama, Karnataka  Muslim Jamaat, Dakshina Karnataka salafi movement.  Jamiyyathul Ulama, Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen, Jamaat-e-Islam .Muslim League.PFI, WPI, SDPI. SKSSF.SSF. CFI. NWF.SYS. Dalith samithi .  Univef .and other socio- political organizations .

Rtd IAS officer Shashikanth senthil said  This mass movement getting success under leadership of counsitution. We have to follow gandhian way of protest. More and more citizens will join this movement. This anti pueple policies of BJP will not success. Ullal Sayyad Madani Darga President haji Abdul Rashid Presided the program.

Former Minister , Mangalore MLA  U T Kader  said. Great India is built on vision of Ghandiji.  We are not allowing modi and sha to weaken our counsitutionel values. This kind of protest repeat each and every village of this country and it Will be  turn into  mass movement.

Advocate Dinesh Hegde Uliyapadi. Said NRC and NPR non practical and impossible to implement. SDPI state secretery Ashraf Machar, said Hindu and muslim jointly opposing anti pueple policies of BJP govt.  Reverend  Father Francis Asees  said  CAA is violated basic secularist concept of our counsitution.  Dalith leader ashoke konchadi appealed for uniting all secular forces .JDS leader Nazir Ullal condemned   the arrest of  bheem army leader’s and other  secular. Activist . Madani shariath college principal Usman Faizy, SKSSF state President Anis Kousari ustad,SSF leader Yakub saadi Ustad. Kanachuru u k monu haji. Jalil krishnapura. Usman Kallapu. Nawaz Ullal.musharaf kodi.mustafa halekote.
Mustafa Abdullah. Vivek Reddy.Ullal city municipality council  Congress party councillor Ayub.Mohamed mukachery , Asif,Ashraf, Ismail , . JDS party councillor  Bashir. Khalil.Jabbar.  SDPI councillor  Ramiz,Shanaz Akram, Rukia Iqbal,Nizam, Ali, zareena rauf .SDPI leaders Akram hasan, athaulla jokatte,Rouf. Indipendent councillor Aziz. Mushtaq. WPI  leader C H Abdussalam. Organising team Leader’s  Ismail, Zakir, Imthiyaz.  Monaka.althaf.taha haji. Yusuf.hamid kodi
And other dignitaries attended .