Banglore 8 Sept :   Rss repeatedly says article 370 and reservation is temporarily provision. Article 370 was the one of positive point to present in international forum. Blockades in Kashmir shuld be lifted immediately. Congress was stabed Kashmiris in behind now BJP stabing in public. Mass human rights violation in jk should be stopped immediately.said human right activist kavitha Krishnan. I was visited Kashmiris was objecting revoking 370. She was speaking as a chief guest at programme on counsitution  democracy and jammu Kashmir held hear today. He questioned centrel govt why not abolishing special status other states.  Different progressive. Human right and dalith organizations jointly conducted programme.
     Rtd justice Gopal gowda said  Now  kashmir issue discussed globally again. 370 is not a temporarily article. It is purely permanent provision. We shuld not hide this fact.  Govt should not misguide its citizens. Farmers suicides,unemployment. Falling GDP and economic slowdown  all are main challenges of the country now.

Dalith sangarsha samithi state President
Mohanraj. Said this is not Muslim issue it is issue of country. Kashmiris rights activists Tanveer said there was no fair election in Kashmir since 70 year’s. Janavadi mahila sanga state vice president vimala presided. She said democracy now become a tool for getting votes now. We should understand reality of real democrac values. And other dignitaries participated  in programme.