Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka state President Elyas Muhammad Thumbe condemned the arrests of Kannada Activists who removed the cutout written in Hindi in Bangalore on 16 August. He said, this move of the police is equal to supporting the conspirators who impose Hindi on Kannada, the state language and dialect.

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said, Kannadigas are in such an unavoidable situation that the movement to save Kannada Protection is very much needed against imposition of Hindi and English on our land. The Intruders from outside Karnataka especially from Rajasthan and Gujarat are accumulating wealth in the land of Kannada by setting up their businesses and establishments. However, they don’t even give employment in their set up and if given, not paying them respectable pay-scale. This exploitation and oppression shall be unitedly fought by the Kannadigas to save and uplift our land, dialect and self esteem.

Arrests of Kannada Activists and Facilitating Hindi Intruders is Condemnable : SDPI

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe condemned the arrests of Kannada Activists and said those who complained against Kannada Activists have proved their conceit by complaining against Kannadigas who questioned imposition of Hindi. Elyas Thumbe demanded the government to withdraw the complaint against Kannada Activists and also should take stringent action against Hindi imposers.