A meeting was held on 27.12.2017 under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka. The problems and grievances of Safai Karmacharis and schemes under the social welfare department were discussed

The meeting was attended by Chairman, Safai Karmachari Commission, ACS planning, ACS UDD, Commissioner Social Welfare and Advisor, SCSP and STSP. The following decisions were taken in the meeting.
• Manual Scavenging has been completely prohibited. BBMP and all the Municipal and local bodies should mechanise the entire process of cleaning and waste management using sucking machines and other latest equipments. Rural Development and Panchayath Raj department was asked to implement it strictly.

• The organisations of Safai Karmacharis will be adequately funded through credit by Karnataka State Safai Karmacharis Development Corporation. The equipments required for the mechanised cleaning will be given to the organisations for Safai Karmacharis at subsidised rates. Employment opportunities for the Safai Karmacharis will be created through user fee contribution method.

• It was decided to implement minimum wages provision for the Safai Karmacharis/Loader/Drivers. Other monetary/social security benefits like PF and ESI will also be extended to them.

• As per section 12 of Manual Scavenging Prohibition Act 2013 the identification and rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers is a continuous process.

• It was decided to provide adequate supply of protective gears required for the Safai Karmacharis. Rural Development and Panchayath Raj Department was requested to direct all the local bodies will provide these safety equipments without fail.

• The Safai Karmacharis who are residing for long in the houses constructed by local bodies can be given the sale deeds. Concerned TMCs to process.

• The present ratio of 1 safai Karmacharis for 700 people will be suitably changed. Urban development Department to process the same.

• It was decided to bring Safai Karmacharis under the ambit of Universal Health Scheme.

• Grants provided for the development of SC/ST in the year 2017-18.
Scheduled Caste

Sl No Program Allotment Release Expenditure release percentage allotment percentage
1 State Sector 3466.26 2443.21 2141.81 87.66 61.79
2 Central Sector 1387.03 1245.31 763.80 61.33 55.07
Total 4853.29 3688.52 2905.61 78.77 60.11
Scheduled Tribes

Sl No Program Allotment Release Expenditure release percentage allotment percentage
1 State Sector 1161.15 846.01 713.28 84.31 61.42
2 Central Sector 348.97 281.88 125.74 44.61 36.03
Total 1510.12 1127.89 839.02 74.38 55.56
• The recruitment for the vacant posts in Social Welfare Department will be done on priority.

• The repair/up gradation work of all the hostels under the Social Welfare department to be taken up on priority

• 200 foreign universities identified for the higher education of SC/ST students will be done away with and students can apply to any University.

• The most backward communities among the SC/ST will be identified, the children belonging to these communities will be facilitated to get admission in prominent schools.

• An amount of Rs.3.50 lakh will be provided for the marriage of the children of Devadasis. This provision to be included in the present inter-caste marriages encouragement scheme.

• Land less ST/SC who are being allotted with the land under land allotment scheme will be given free bore well facilities under Ganga Kalyan scheme. Drip irrigation equipments will be provided An holistic approach will be adopted for the overall development. They will be empowered to practice Agriculture, Horticulture and dairying. This Scheme will be extended to the Devadasis for integrated development.

• The aspirants of who are undergoing training for the preparation of Civil Service Exams will be given with laptops to further strengthen their preparation.