The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi delivering his speech at the valedictory function of the National Law Day celebrations, in New Delhi on November 26, 2017.

Text of PM’s speech at event marking the dedication of Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project to the nation in Srinagar

Present on the forum, Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti ji, my colleague Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Dr. Jitinder Singh Ji, R.K. Sihan ji, Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Kavendra Gupta, Minister of State, Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma, Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Mr. Nazir Ahmed Khan, Member of Parliament and Senior Leader of the country, Hon’ble Dr Farooq Abdullah, Member of Parliament Mr. Muzaffar Hussein Bag Ji, and all the other great guests present here and my dear brothers and sisters of J & K.

Once again I have had the opportunity to come among all of you in Jammu and Kashmir. Your identity, your affection, which brings me here again and again. There has not been any such year in the past four years that I have not come here. When Srinagar was also Diwali after the flood, I had celebrated Diwali only among the victims here. Apart from this, I had the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers deployed on the border and today I am between you even when the holy month of Ramadan is going on. This month is an opportunity to memorize the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and his message. Equality and brotherhood of his life can truly take the country and the world forward.

It is also a pleasant coincidence that in this happy month of Ramadan, we had gathered here on the completion of a great dream. Today I got the privilege of dedicating the Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project to the country. After crossing many difficulties, this project is ready to add new dimensions to the development journey of Jammu and Kashmir. On the occasion, I congratulate all of you. This will give the state not only free but also adequate power. Just a fraction of the power required by Jammu and Kashmir is fulfilled from the other part of the country. With the introduction of this 330 MW project, the problem of power shortage can be reduced to a great extent.

Brothers and Sisters, this project is an outstanding example of engineering. Many people have done penance to fulfill this. By cutting the mountain chest, Kishanganga’s water was transported through the tunnel to the Banar Nall of Bandipora. Every worker, every employee and every engineer associated with this project is entitled to special congratulations. The result of your own freshness is that we are able to fulfill this difficult project.

Right from here on this stage, I have also got the opportunity of the foundation stone of the ring road of Srinagar Road. Forty two kilometers of this road will be spent more than five hundred crores. This ring road will work to reduce the problem of jam in the interior of Srinagar city to a great extent, will make your life easier.

Together, the balanced development of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh in the three parts of the state is very important for the change in the lives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping this in mind, a package of 80 thousand crore rupees was announced two and a half years ago. I am happy that in such a short time the project of about sixty three thousand crore has been approved and more than Rs 20 thousand crore has been spent. The work of making IITs in Jammu and Kashmir, work of making IIMs, construction of two AIIMS, modernization of primary hospitals and district hospitals is also underway.

New National Highways, Allweed Road, New Tunnels, Power Transmission and Distribution Line, Protection of Rivers and Lakes, Schemes for Farmers, Cold Storage, Warehousing, New Opportunities for Youth, These new initiatives are being taken. Jammu and Kashmir of the 21st century is in line with the hopes and aspirations of the people, this is being done primarily on this.

Friends, whenever I go to the mountain, I miss a proverb. Earlier it was said that the mountain’s youth and the mountain water are never used for the mountain. This saying goes when the proportion of modern technology was not spread, the human being was in front of nature. But now the time has changed. With this cooperation of all of you, we are engaged in change. Both the water of Jammu and Kashmir and the youth here are going to work.

There are many rivers in Jammu and Kashmir where there are immense possibilities of hydro power. These are those parts of the country which not only have the power to generate electricity but also for their country. Keeping this in mind, we have been working on several projects here for the last four years. Work on hydro power plant, which will be constructed at Kishtwar, costing more than Rs. 8000 crores, will be started soon.

Efforts are also being made to provide unrestricted power to every house of Jammu and Kashmir. Advanced Technology like Smart Grid and Smart meter is being used. Street Lights is being modernized. In order to illuminate Jammu and Kashmir from the villages to the towns, about 4 thousand crores of rupees are being invested to improve the power distribution system of the state.

Not only is it the aim of reaching partners, electricity and villages only. Rather, efforts are being made to make the electricity bill not burdens in the homes which have reached power. Under the Ujala scheme, more than 78 lakh LED bulbs have been distributed in Jammu and Kashmir. This is going to save the electricity bill which is saving more than Rs 400 crore every year in the bill. The government is busy campaigning for electricity from every household of the state. Under the good luck scheme, there is going to provide free electricity connections in every house of J & K, where electricity has not yet reached.

Companions If the biggest medium of development in Jammu and Kashmir is any sector, then it is tourism, we have been coming to see it for decades. The sector which created the highest employment on low investment, has been the fate of the fate of Jammu and Kashmir. But now these sectors do not go on old methods. Today’s tourist wants today’s facilities. He does not want to wait for hours to go from one place to another, he does not want to be trapped in narrow roads, he wants constant power, he wants cleanliness, he wants good air service.

Keeping in view the modern ecosystem that requires tourism, our government is moving forward on a number of plans. The number of tourists in Jammu and Kashmir will increase as much as these ecosystems will be strengthened, and not only will the youth of Jammu and Kashmir get new opportunities for employment, the more your earnings will increase.

Companions, there are many areas all over the world, where the entire economy is focused on tourism, the economy of the whole country. It is in Jammu and Kashmir alone that it has the potential to increase the speed of India’s economy. If I talk of tourism only then 12 development authorities, 3 tourism circuits, 50 tourists villages will be constructed with an investment of about Rs. 2 thousand crore. But, as I said earlier, tourism, as well as strengthening its entire ecosystem is very important.

This ecosystem has a great base of connectivity. This is the reason that efforts are being made at a very large level for connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir. About half of the package given to the state is being spent on Road Sector. A network of National Highways is being laid in Jammu and Kashmir.

Before coming here, I have started the work of the longest Jojila tunnel in the country. This tunnel is going to write a new saga of development in Jammu and Kashmir. If you think, connectivity will increase, often, going to study, going to relatives, going for treatment, while traveling for business, when buying and selling goods, you have to be less worried. Due to delay in the way that our apples get spoiled, our vegetables are spoiled, the damage done by the farmers here, we will also be able to reduce them in large quantities.

Here are the ring roads, Srinagar-Shopian-Kazigund National Highway or Chenani-Sudhamahdev-Goha road, in Srinagar, on completion of this, you will save time and reduce the waste of resources. Such areas of the state, which are cut for snow in months, are also being added, helicopter service is being provided to them. It is also in your information that work is also in progress for the government to make Srinagar and Jammu a smart city.

To improve the water supply and sewage system in cities, about 5,500 billion expenditure is being spent under the Amrit Yojna. When there are modern facilities, there will be modern roads, your life will be easy, in Jammu and Kashmir. , In its goodness and also the new four moons.

Brothers and sisters, when we talk about making villages and cities smart, cleanliness is an important part of it. I am happy that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are also pushing this campaign with full power.

Recently I saw a video of a bitia here in social media. Five years of ‘Jannat’ is engaged in mission to clean Dal Lake. When the future of the country thinks so holy and clean, then I am more happy as a member of this campaign. Companions, there are many people who are doing these types of work at their level.

Brothers and Sisters, I realize that the catastrophic flood that has brought about here has changed your life. It is our utmost efforts that wherever there is a loss, the compensation is being done. And for this, continuous help of the State Government is being done.

Companions, another very serious topic on which the PDP-BJP combine government and the central government are working together. This topic is of displaced ones. Those who have come here with difficulty due to cross border conditions, who have had to leave their homes due to local problems, about three and a half billion rupees are being spent for their rehabilitation at different places.

Companions, many youth of Jammu and Kashmir today are becoming role models for the youth of other states of the country. When I see the names of young people here in the civil service, I meet them, then my happiness doubles. I remember the country’s Sena was then proudly widened, whereas here Bandipora’s bitia gave India’s name in Kick Boxing Illuminated Talajul like Talent can not let the country go unnecessarily. This is the reason that the central government is making efforts to revive the sporting talent of Jammu and Kashmir with the state government. Under this spirit, efforts are being made to develop Sports Infrastructure here.

Great efforts are being made to provide education and employment opportunities to the brothers and sisters, youth of Jammu and Kashmir. Several new schemes have been implemented in collaboration with the State Government. Under the Himayat scheme, there is a plan to track the trend of one lakh youths. More than 16 thousand children got the benefit of the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme. He has been given the opportunity of higher education in the best colleges and universities of the country. For different reasons, nearly 60 thousand students who have left college and school have been offered jobs.

New opportunities are being created for the protection of young citizens of the country and the state. 5 Indian Reserve Battalion has been approved to strengthen the Jammu and Kashmir Police. I am told that the recruitment process is in the last phase, after which five thousand youths get jobs in the security sector.

Brothers and Sisters, the protection of the citizens and the nation for our government, this is the biggest priority. To protect this responsibility, our security forces have been continuously, here are the J & K Police, Paramilitary Forces and the Army personnel, I want to say to all of you that you are doing great work even in difficult circumstances. The correspondence between you and your colleagues, they all deserve great congratulations. Whether it is floods or snow storms or fire-related disasters, the contribution of security forces to every Jammu and Kashmir resident in difficulties is incomparable. Here is a picture of whatever they are suffering for the public, whatever pain they are suffering, is spreading in the minds of the people of the country.

Brothers and Sisters 500 million people in the country are working on the resolution of New India today. Jammu and Kashmir can be the brightest star of New India. There is no reason why there should not be one of the best educational institutions in the country, the best hospitals, the best roads, the most modern airports in Jammu and Kashmir. There is no reason why our children here do not become good doctors, become good engineers, do not become good professors and good officials, there is no reason.

Companions, there are lots of powers, which do not want Jammu and Kashmir to grow, the lives of the people here will be happy, but the comrades, we have to keep moving forward by responding to these foreign forces.

Here the PDP-BJP coalition government led by Mehbooba Mufti ji and the NDA government of the Center are continuously trying to bring such youth to the mainstream, who are influenced by foreign mismanagement and attacking their own holy land.

There is no substitute for peers, peace and stability. I urge that the youth who have gone astray, return to mainstream. This is the mainstream, his family, his parents These main streams are their active contribution in the development of Jammu and Kashmir. This young generation is responsible for enhancing the pride of Jammu and Kashmir. There are so many resources in Jammu and Kashmir, there are so many resources, there is a lot of strength, there is no reason why Jammu and Kashmir remained behind all other areas of India. Every stone, every weapon raised by strayed youth, makes their own Jammu and Kashmir unstable.

The state will now have to get out of this environment of instability. For the future, for their future generations, they have to be connected not only to Kashmir but also to the mainstream of India’s development. For thousands of years, we are the descendants of an India mother. There is no such power in the world that can remove brother from brother. Mother’s milk can never be cracked People who were engaged in this effort for decades, they are now on the brink of disintegration.

Brothers and Sisters, I will say again, last year I had celebrated with the soldiers in Diwali Gurez, then this year, on this occasion Ramadan is here among you all. This is the spirit of Kashmir, that is to give this land to the country and the world. Everyone is welcomed here, everyone is fond of it. This is the land of the tradition that is nowhere near the country and the world. This land is more cultivated than the cult and sects. Hence-

Atal ji of Kashmiri is also convincing and Modi is also the key figure in this Kashmiri state.

And I also told Lalkis that:

Is not abused the problem is resolved ,   do not shoot  settles problems ,  settles the issue by embracing every Kashmiri.

There is a policy with the state and central government for the development of Jammu and Kashmir, there is a policy, and we are never left behind in making decisions. The process of withdrawing thousands of lawsuits on students, or the decision of the Season Fire taken in this happy month of Ramzan, the idea behind it is that every young man of Kashmir, every person here should get stability, get stability and Get development

Companions, this is not just a sizfire, it is also a means of exposing those who spread terrorism under the guise of Islam. I understand that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are seeing this as how they tried to keep them in confusion. The government has also appointed a representative to pursue this process of stability. He is meeting with the elected representatives of the people, different organizations and organizations here. And I want to tell anyone who is going to talk about it. They are trying to strengthen the peace process by talking to every person.

The brothers and sisters, the government is not giving up on its side. But to keep alliance of Kashmiri and mobilization, all of you people and also I appeal to all the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, all of you here, every parents, people here, intellectuals and religious teachers The biggest responsibility is the biggest role.

I would like you and me, all to put all your strengths on development and just Jammu and Kashmir. Every problem, every dispute, of every difference, the solution is the same – development, development, and development only.

Along with New India, New Jammu-Kashmir will further strengthen the growth story of the changing Jammu and Kashmir, and this is my complete confidence. And with this belief, I reveal my feelings to you among the people. Open up your point and tell me. And I also tell the people of the world – all the countries of the world, those who have walked on these paths, are all regretting. All are back They are looking for a way to return. And hence, life of peace, life of brotherhood, life of peace and prosperity, life of happiness and happiness, we have to move forward this legacy and there will be no shortage from the Central Government for this. There will be going to take all the steps where necessary. You will be more cooperative with you; We will fulfill the desires we have come out of, and once again our Kashmir, ours are Jammu and Kashmir, Leh-Ladakh,

Sethha-Seetha, thank you  Az Diu  Imajat Khudai Thi New Khosh Happy

Thank you

Atul Tiwari / Himanshu Singh / Nirmal Sharma