Social Democratic Party of India conducted its State Working Committee Meeting on 30th Dec 2018 in Bangalore. Meeting was presided by the state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe in which members of the state working committee and the presidents of the districts were present.
The resolutions passed in the meeting are as furnished below:

Media disturbing communal harmony:
In Karnataka few TV channels and newspapers are trying to spread hatred between Hindus and Muslims. Instead of upholding the responsibility of ordaining the legacy of peace and harmony the media are spreading malice in the state. Few media owned by some politicians are in frontline in this regard and intensified thedrudgery since last 5 years. SDPI urge the state government that itshall identify these evil minded media and take stringent action on it.

Cancellation of Hubli-Ankola Railway Project is Condemnable:
The decision of the Central Government to cancel Hubli-Ankola Railway project is condemnable as this project would link the Coastal region with North Karnataka. This railway line is essential for the transportation and for commercial activities of the people in this region. Cancelling this project by attributing the reason of destruction of environment is not fare. SDPI here by call upon all parliament members of Karnataka and all Kannadiga as well to put pressure on the Central government to stop ‘discrimination policy’ of the central government immediately.

Investigation is needed on the death of Police Office Madhukar Shetty:
The name of IPS Police Inspector Madhukar Shetty is very famous in India for his honesty, sincerity and efficiency. There is lot of suspicion behind his death and there is a demand from the people that a proper investigation is needed about his death. He served the country without any bias and stern against communalism and corruption. He was very popular as an efficient and honest Lokayuktha SP. SDPI asserts that his demise was a big loss to the country.

Conduct Wakf Board Election: Investigate Wakf Scams:
Karnataka Wakf Board is inactive since last 20 months as the election for its office bearers has not been conducted. The state government is postponing the election by quoting silly reasons. SDPI draw the attention of the state government to conduct the election for sincere and honest office bearers. SDPI demands that the government has to act immediately to investigate and take appropriate steps regarding all scams, illegal encroachment and misappropriations related to wakf properties.

Proper investigation needed on Sulwadi poisoning incident; Provide compensation to the victims: SDPI
The poisoning of prasada incident in Maramma Temple in Sulwadi, Chamarajanagar District was a heinous act. 16 people have lost their life and hundreds of people admitted to the hospital in this incident. SDPI urge the state government to conduct transparent investigation to take stringent action on the culprits though they are whatever influential. SDPI also urge the government to provide suitable compensation to the families of the victims.